Dear Parents/Carers.
Regular attendance in school is vitally important, particularly after the impact of Covid.    I am currently scrutinising absence data, including when no reason has been provided.  These absences currently appear as unauthorised absences on our school system.  If your child has been absent and no reason has been supplied, you will shortly be receiving a letter, which requires you to provide a reason for each absence.  Please ensure that you complete this form immediately and return it to school as a matter of urgency.  If forms are not received and/or absences are left unexplained, you will be asked to attend an attendance review meeting in the next few weeks. 
Please also ensure that your child continues to attend school every day, on time and that you contact us if your child will not be attending school for any reason. 
Many thanks for your support,
Mrs Edwards 


Dear Parents and Carers

We have just been instructed by Wrexham Local Authority that all Schools are to close tomorrow. Please take this as confirmation that Rhosymedre School will be closed to all pupils and staff tomorrow Friday 18th February.

Staff will endeavour to post online learning on the established class apps or websites (Seesaw or Google Classroom). Posting learning activities will depend on power and internet supply for both staff and you as families. Please be patient if your member of staff is not able to post online learning immediately in the morning or respond to your messages throughout the day.

There will be no childcare/key worker/vulnerable provision provided due to the school being fully closed for health and safety reasons.

Tomorrow was the last day before the half term holiday. As school is closed next week for the half term holiday we will send a letter tomorrow informing you of the instructions for the new half term starting on Monday 28th February. Please look out for this letter tomorrow.

In the meantime stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Best wishes

Ema Pennington

Deputy Head


Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and to update you on the end of term arrangements. These continue to be extremely difficult times for all members of our community in Wrexham and we know that Covid-19 has had an ongoing impact on many aspects of our lives.

Despite the fact that we returned to face to face learning at the beginning of September, throughout the term many pupils across schools in Wrexham have continued to experience disruption to their education as we managed the impact of Covid 19 in different ways.

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of positive cases of Covid 19 amongst children and adults in Wrexham County Borough. As a result, many children and young people have been required to self-isolate and present themselves for PCR tests.  Unfortunately as we approach the Christmas break cases are continuing to rise.  We are also acutely aware that any positive cases that may be identified next week would result in individuals having to isolate over the Christmas period, including Christmas Day.  This would have a huge impact on our community.

All members of the education community are concerned about the rise in cases and the impact this is having on children and families. It has therefore been agreed with the Local Authority that face to face learning will cease for pupils at the end of Friday 17th December; and remote learning will be provided for all pupils on the 20th, 21st and 22nd December.

All schools will make provision available for vulnerable learners and the children of critical workers where required.  We would request that parents who wish to make use of such provision, book sessions with us by Wednesday 15th December.   The list of critical workers can be found in the following guidance:-  Identifying children of critical workers: guidance | GOV.WALES  We would request that you only make use  of this provision if no alternative childcare arrangements can be made.

The local authority and our school community are absolutely committed to offering the best provision under increasingly difficult circumstances and we recognise how worrying this situation must be for you.

I am sure that you will join me in extending thanks to all of our school staff who have worked very hard to implement rigorous and robust safety measures and to do as much as they can to provide quality learning experiences. Your continued support and understanding in this situation is greatly appreciated.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy a safe, family Christmas and that we can all look forward together to an improving situation in the New Year.

On behalf of

Mrs K Evans

Chief Officer Education and Early Intervention






On Friday December 3rd, we will be taking part in the ‘Students Come Together for 999 Heroes,’ with hundreds of schools across the country.  Please see the information poster sent by your child’s classteacher.

Many thanks,

Mrs Edwards



Dear Parents and Carers.

Thank you for supporting the Children in Need non-uniform day today, you have raised £240 and everyone has looked fabulous!! The photographs from the BBC visit last Thursday will be on the BBC twitter page soon, we can’t wait to see them.

Today we say a very fond farewell and good luck to Miss Jones, as she begins her maternity leave.  Miss Jones has continued to work closely with Mrs Williams during the last few months and they have made a wonderful team.  Mrs Williams will take over as the year 1 teacher from Monday.  We look forward to sharing some amazing news about Miss Jones with you very soon.

All training dates have now been confirmed with the local authority.  These are for the rest of this year, on these days the school will be closed to children.

Training Days (school closed) 

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th January 2022

School closes on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 and opens to children on Monday 10th January 2022.

Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022

School closes on Friday 15th July 2022 

Jubilee Extra Bank Holiday – Wednesday 20th July 2022

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Edwards




Dear Parents and Carers

We had such an amazing time yesterday when BBC Radio visited our school with ‘Pudsey in the Playground,’  accompanied by the famous Wynne Evans.  I am immensely proud of the children and the staff who as always shone and enthusiastically took part in the morning.  Our visitors were blown away with the children’s costumes, decorations and the welcome they received.  A special well done to Cian Roberts and Miss Jones, for taking part in the quiz – Cian won of course!! A massive thank you also to Mrs Tania Williams for organising this event.  The recordings will air on the radio next Thursday and photographs will be posted on the BBC’s Twitter and Facebook channels.

We have recently been made aware that some children may be being curious about Vapes and Vape pens.  I have spoken to the older children about this yesterday and today and the staff will continue to offer opportunities to talk if needed.  Please be vigilant with your children to ensure that they are not accessing these, as they are extremely inappropriate and potentially very dangerous to their health.

This Sunday there will be a remembrance service at the Cenotaph in Cefn Mawr, commencing at 10.45am.  Maize Jones and Jessica Roberts will be representing our school by reading the names of the fallen soldiers; Romany and Asher Roberts will be laying a wreath on our behalf.  I am immensely proud of you all and thank you for your contribution to this special event.  This is as always an outdoor event and community members are very welcome to attend if they are able to.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Edwards





We are delighted to announce that we have been selected with four other schools in Wales to take part in ‘Pudsey in your Playground’ this year.  We will be visited by Pudsey and Wynne Evans (a famous Welsh singer who is also on the Go Compare adverts) and a crew from the BBC on Thursday 11th November.  The BBC will be taking photographs which they will post on their official Twitter and Facebook channels and a quiz will be held, between a teacher and pupil – will also be recorded.   Please ensure that you child’s classteacher has up to date information about photo permission, if they haven’t already.  Although we appreciate that this is not the official Children in Need day, we are inviting everyone to wear their Pudsey/Children in Need items on that day.  The children will also have an opportunity to wear them again on the official day – Friday 19th November.  We are sure that this will be a fun and enjoyable morning for everyone.

Don’t forget that we are selling items in school for the Poppy Appeal again this year.  This will be available in your child’s class until stock runs out.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe, especially if you are watching fireworks.

Mrs Edwards




Dear Parents and Carers.

It has been another busy week in school and we are so proud of everything that the childen and staff have achieved.  Our raffle has raised a whopping £350 for MacMillan and I know the children received some incredible prizes.  Thank you to you all for supporting this, it is much appreciated.  A special thank you to Miss Griffiths and Miss Milburn who organised the raffle and sourced and donated all of the prizes.

We were pleased to welcome PC Kim into school on Wednesday.  She spent time with Year 2, 4 and 6 discussing how we can all keep ourselves safe during the Bonfire season.

If your child tests positive for Covid during the half term break, please stay in contact with Test Track and Protect in the the first instance.  They will contact me if they need to. The teachers will not be responding to any parents messages during this half term holiday.  We are back in school on Monday 1st November and we look forward to seeing you all then.

Have a fun and restful holiday.

Mrs Edwards



Dear Parents and Carers.

Thank you to you all for your help in keeping our amazing school a safer place to be.  I have seen a huge improvement in the use of the one way system and generally following our school procedures.  It is really appreciated.

Next Friday 22nd October will be a non-uniform day and there is no charge for this.  Your child can, if they wish, wear their Halloween costume, any other costume or just come to school in their normal clothes – however they feel comfortable.  As you will appreciate it is not appropriate to hold a phase or whole school disco at the moment, so therefore the children will take part in activities within their own classes.   

Harvest celebrations are also looking different for this year.  You children have been undertaking activities in their own classroom to mark this special time of year and these will be shared with you via your usual communication methods with your child’s classteacher.  

You will, I am sure, be aware from the press, about a certain Netflix series that is being much discussed and viewed at the moment.  Please ensure that you monitor your child and that the content within programmes and games is appropriate for their age, to ensure their continued safety and wellbeing. 

We were delighted to be visited by Mr Hughes today and it has certainly put a smile on everyone’s face.  Mr Hughes is still undergoing treatment and will be visiting us whenever he is able to.  He continues to keep in regular contact with us at school and we hope to see him again, very soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

Mrs Edwards


Dear Parents and Carers.

We really need your help and cooperation!! I appreciate that our procedures in school are stricter than others you may be experiencing elsewhere, which I know can be frustrating. We will however continue to do what is safe and appropriate for our school at this time. There has also been much publicity in the news this week, about schools who are having to reinstate measures due to increasing numbers of Covid in their schools.

We have a one-way system in operation, which will remain as a permanent system, regardless of how Covid pans out in the future. This includes the request to use the top gate to leave the premises. Generally, feedback from parents about the one-way system is that it is much easier and safer, particularly for parents with push chairs and those with younger children, albeit taking a minute or two longer.

AT NO POINT should anyone be entering or leaving the school using the road, this is extremely dangerous and should not be happening at any time. If you choose to defy this request, I must now leave that to your own conscience, as I do not have the time to man the car park daily. Children who walk home on their own are copying the adults leaving – because the adults are doing this, they may believe it is appropriate and this is extremely concerning. Cars are exiting the school grounds at these times, which they have every right to do.   I am also very mindful of the potential traffic from the builders base adjacent to our school. We all have a responsibility and can all contribute to keeping our school community, amazing families and staff, safe. I do not want to be sending a letter home at any time, informing you of an accident, that could have easily been avoided and prevented.   Set a safe example for everyone and please spend the extra minute or two to leave our school site safely.

We continue to adhere to the Welsh Government and local guidelines for managing Covid and will keep you informed if procedures change.

Tempest Photography will be in school on Monday 11th October for individual photographs only. Unfortunately, they will not be able to photograph family or pre-school children due to their Covid restrictions.

Children from Reception to Year 6 will be receiving their flu vaccination next Tuesday 12th October at school.

As you will know, we are holding a raffle in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  The raffle will be drawn via a computer-generated raffle draw on Wednesday 20th October. If you/your child wants to take part, please send the money in a named envelope for their class teacher, which will then be passed onto the year 2 class.  There are some lovely prizes to be won!   The last day for purchasing tickets is Tuesday 19th October.  Good luck everyone.

Take care,

Mrs Edwards



Dear Parents and Carers.

We have reached the end of another very busy week and have seen some very changeable weather.  We will continue to spend as much time outside as possible, so your child will require a warm coat.

It has been so lovely to see the children being active riding their bikes to school.  So as to ensure their safety, they should be wearing a helmet and appropriate clothing.  Please do not leave bicycles by the front of the school, as we cannot keep them safe and they may cause an accident.  There is a bike shed at the back of the school, which can used to store your child’s bicycle – however to use this, your child needs to be in school on time, as the side gates will be locked afterwards.

Please do not park outside the school gates at any time, as this can cause a hazard and can prevent access to the school in an emergency.

It continues to be a pleasure to see the children in their uniforms and looking and feeling ready for their school day.  Please ensure that uniforms are fit for purpose, for example by ensuring that the length of skirts are suitable for school.

As some of you may already know, our lovely Miss Jones (Year 1 teacher) is pregnant and is currently working from home due to the current Covid restrictions in place.  Miss Jones is likely to continue doing this for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She is in regular contact with Miss Williams (current Year 1 teacher) and the staff and she is very busy working behind the scenes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Mrs Edwards



Dear Parents and Carers.

It has been another incredibly busy week at school. Now the children are more familiar with their classes, we are required to use our usual opening and finishing school times from Monday. As I am sure that you will appreciate, this will require everyone to continue to follow the current guidance, which includes – social distancing, wearing face masks and leaving the school site as soon as you are able to. There may be many more people on the school site at the same time, so please follow this guidance.

These times are:

8.10am Breakfast Club opens

8.50am Classroom doors open to receive the children and begin the register

9.00am School officially begins (all children should now be in their classrooms)

3.05pm Reception to Year 2 end of school day

3.10pm Year 3 to Year 6 end of school day

If you have to wait on the yard, please ensure that you socially distance from others as much as you are able to.

There have been very few changes in school with our Covid procedures and we will continue to monitor the situation locally.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone,

Mrs Edwards




Dear Parents and Carers

Changes to contact tracing and self-isolation from this September

As we return to school, there are some new arrangements in place when someone tests positive for COVID-19. These changes have been made possible by the vaccination programme and the significant reduction in numbers being hospitalised and suffering severe illness due to COVID-19 over recent months.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19 using a PCR test, NHS Test, Trace, Protect (TTP) will contact you, using the details provided when the PCR test was ordered. They will ask questions designed to identify recent close contacts of your child, and for contact details – if you know them – of the individual or their parent/guardian. TTP will then get in touch with these close contacts to provide instructions or advice.

Those who are under 18 or fully vaccinated are no longer required to self-isolate if they are identified as close contacts. But they will be contacted to let them know that they’ve been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. They will also be offered two PCR tests and provided with information and advice on how to minimise the risks of onward spread. If your child is identified as a close contact, they can still attend school unless they develop symptoms or are advised otherwise by TTP. Please continue to let us know if your child tests positive.

If a child tests positive, only a minority of their classmates will be identified as close contacts. But if there is a pattern of cases TTP may ask us to update you on the situation and remind you of key steps, including advising you to keep an eye out for new symptoms your child may develop, and to stay away from vulnerable family and friends in the short-term.

We do expect that there will be cases of COVID-19 across our community over the coming weeks, but this does not mean that COVID-19 is spreading within the school. Please continue to be vigilant for symptoms. If you are in any doubt, order a PCR test for your child at www.gov.uk/get–coronavirus–test or by calling 119.

Anyone with symptoms – a new continuous cough, fever or high temperature or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste – should remain in self-isolation until the test result is known. You can find the latest information on self-isolation arrangements at www.gov.wales/self–isolation.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Edwards



Dear Parents and Carers.

We hope that you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable Summer break.  It has been so wonderful seeing our pupils in Reception to Year 6 back in school today.  Nursery pupils will begin their transition sessions in the next few weeks.

Most children were in full school uniform today and they looked incredibly smart.  We have plenty of school uniform in stock, which is available to buy at the school office.  Please ensure that you label all clothing including coats.

We have recently received updated Operational Guidance for schools and settings from THE Welsh Government. This details the expectations for continued Covid risk assessment procedures in schools and educational settings and the changes with test, track and trace procedures, including isolation.  The main areas are:


  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene ensuring appropriate ventilation measures and cleaning regimes
    • All visitors should continue to use a face covering, including parents/carers when dropping off and picking up from school.
  • One-way systems are still in operation.  Please drop off and leave the school site promptly, avoiding lingering by the school gates.
    • If you or your child have any coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change of taste or smell), you should self-isolate at home and get a test. You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.  Self-isolation means that you do not leave the house. You should self-isolate straight away if you have symptoms and until you receive the results of a COVID-19 PCR test.
    • As of 7 August 2021, adults who have been fully vaccinated and received the vaccine in the UK and those under the age of 18 will no longer have to self-isolate if they are identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  You will be asked to take PCR tests on Day 2 from your last contact with the positive case (or as soon as possible) and on Day 8.  It is important that you take these tests even if you feel well, you may have COVID-19 even if you do not have symptoms.
  • Any unwell children should remain at home.  Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting should remain away from school for 48 hours following the last episode.

Although bubbles are no longer expected to be maintained in schools, we will currently continue to minimise interaction with pupils from different classes.  School staff will also continue to wear face masks outside of their classroom and in communal areas, such as corridors.

We are continuing with the flexible registration times in the morning and at home time.  We will be looking to return to the normal start and finish times of the school day in the next few weeks.  We will inform you when this will change.

Please continue to use Parent Pay to pay for your child’s school dinners and that you have chosen your child’s meal.

Breakfast Club opens at 8.10am each morning – if your child arrives before 8.30am and does not receive Free School Meals, there is a £1 charge, which can be paid on arrival to Breakfast Club.

After School Club reopens on Monday 6th September and this is filling up very quickly.  We will be allocating these spaces on a first come first served basis, so please inform us if you have booked your child in and do not intend to use the space, this will then be offered to someone else.  With the club becoming very full it is unlikely that we will be able to take additional pupils at very short notice, so please ensure that you book your place as early as possible.

We will continue to monitor and review our procedures and update our risk assessments as necessary.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Edwards












Message from our Children and Families

We are the most privileged people in the world to be so loved and cherished. It is such and honour to know you all, we have always known how special you are but this is beyond anything we would expect. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families. You have made us all sob and we feel all your love, from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

Our message to you.

Rhosymedre Community Primary School


Dear Parents/Carers.


Thank you so much for your support and patience during this time of dramatic change and uncertainty. The staff have been working incredibly hard to ensure that there is a range of activities for your child/children to access, during this period of school closure.

Please click on the Classes tab and then select your child’s class. In there you will find a range of activities for your child to access.   This is not designed to replace a full days schooling, however will support you whilst your child/children are at home.  These activities will be updated regularly.

Please take very good care of yourselves,

Mrs E Edwards

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