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*Important – Letter from Mrs Edwards 16th July 2020 – Please read*

Parent letter 20200715

*Welsh Government Announcement*  *09/07/2020*

Please see below a message from Mrs Edwards:

Dear Parents/Carers,

Kirsty Williams has just announced the next phase for whole school opening in September. We will be planning for this in the coming days and ask for your patience while we do this. In the meantime, please avoid contacting the school to ask questions about September. We will contact you as soon as we have finished our plans. Thank you for your support and patience.

Mrs Edwards

*New work 29/06/2020*

From this week we will be exploring our learning through the theme of ‘Sport’. This term we would have been doing lots of outdoor learning as well as holding our school sports day – we thought that we could do this as part of our home online learning! Below is the challenge grid with tasks for you to complete; we will also add some more maths activities over the next three weeks – have fun!

Class sport Challenges

The heart power point instructions

The muscles we use

Muscles of the body

Measuring our bodies

Investigating what effect different activities have on our heart rate

Design & Technology Create-a-New-Mascot

Paralympics reading and comprehension



*New work 15/6/2020*


This week we will be exploring literacy through a theme. The theme will be ‘Dream Island’ All the information you need is in the document below. Have fun.

Dream Island

Try these subtraction activities. Remember when subtracting in columns, the larger number goes on top, don’t forget to knock on next door if you need to!

2 digit subtraction

3 digit subtraction

addition and subtraction

addition and subtraction 2

word problems

colour by number mixed operation


*Important* Please read the message below from Mrs Edwards:

Dear Parent/Carer
Last week Kirsty Williams the Welsh Government Education Minister instructed Schools to open for check in sessions. This will begin the week of 29th June. We are currently planning what this will look like for your child/children ensuring that the priority is, as far as we possibly can, the safety of our pupils, their families and staff. Our plan is to offer your child/children one session a week between now and school closing the week beginning 20th July.
Please let your Class Teacher know as soon as possible if you are planning, or not planning, to send your child back to School for these check in sessions. Please be aware that responses from Parents/Carers will determine the size of each group and so we would appreciate it if once you have given your answer then this does not change, as this would affect our numbers, groups and staffing. Please let us know what your intention is , at the latest by the end of this week, Friday 12th June.
Best Wishes
Mrs E Edwards

*New work W/B 01/06/2020*

To start this Half Term we are going to be using the theme of superheros to help us with some of our work. Check out the Home learning grid for some of the great work we have planned for you.

Home Learning Challenge Grid Superheros


Lets practice our measuring and ruler skills

Using a ruler

Now why don’t you try something a little harder.

Measuring bigger items chilli2

Measuring bigger items chilli3

Mesuring body parts

Why don’t you try out this practical activity on estimating and measuring

Practical Maths Activity

Or carry out this tally challenge and create a bar chart.

Superhero tally


Try completing the A-Z Challenge with all the words, names, groups and characters that you can think of related to superheros.


This next one is not superhero related but will help you with bossy verbs when writing instructions.

Bossy verbs

Who are your real life superheros?

Real life superheros

Research a superhero of your choice gather as many facts about them as you can.

Superhero fact file

Study the picture in the next piece of work, can you use it to help you answer the questions.

The visitor

Write a story about a superhero using the comic book template:

comic strip template

You can also use these resources for story-writing inspiration:

superhero story dice

character description


Take a look at these fun science activities. (please only do these experiments with adult supervision)

Supersized marshmallow

flying superheros

Magnetic superheros

Super cola fountain


Draw your own superhero, what will they look like? What will their costume be? Does it relate to their special powers?

Make a stop motion animation or use iMovie to create a story.

Make a headquarters fit for a superhero!

den building


 W/B 18/5/2020


Here are some activities related to the wildlife in our area. Take a look outside your window, what can you see? Do birds visit your garden?  Look at the activities:

garden bird


bird feeders


Try some of these activities. Take some pictures and send to your teacher!

pebble art

wind chime


Keep your mind and body healthy with these activities:

Time capsule

Healthy Eating Divided Plate Sorting Activity

Healthy Eating Food Bingo

Healthy Eating Meal Activity

Finding the Food Group Activity Sheets


black rhinos

spring story writing prompts

story setting descriptions


Bus Stop Method Division Power Point

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 3+

Inverse Operations Division and Multiplication

Division word problems


Use these pictures to describe a rainforest scene.

Describe a Scene 1

Describe a Scene 2

Here is a powerpoint and an activity about dedorestation and its affects on the rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest comprehension

Independent Challenge; Do some internet research and make a fact file about your favourite rainforest animal.

See below some colouring sheets of rainforest animals



Survey from the Childrens Commissioner for Wales.(please note previous survey was a trial)

People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been over the last few weeks. Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner, is one of those people.

She wants to know about any worries you have, how you’ve been spending your time, and also about the things that have made you happy.

Sally has been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. Sally wants to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. It will also help them to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards.

The survey should take you around 15 minutes. 

Coronavirus and Me – Nation-wide survey for children and young people in Wales


Wrexham music coop has been working hard to create an online music resource for all Wrexham pupils. This will be in the form of a secured website and will feature a changing weekly timetable of musical activities with a focus on fun and wellbeing.
Many of the videos have been made by Wrexham tutors and we have some guests appearing such as the trial video where we feature Ed Holden, aka Mr Phormula the well-known welsh beatboxer, who is familiar to some of the children as they have taken part in workshops run by him. The link is:

Music Workshop

*Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for new work week beginning 04/05*

Don’t forget to join google classroom for more resources with the code:-

 bgrrld4 (You may need to type this code in while in a private browser window.)

Home-School Learning Spring/Summer 2020:

Home learning Challenges Planning

Dosbarth Dwynwen-Glyndwr Home Learning

The document below, should provide ideas about what we would be learning in school and some useful resources to support your work.


It is important that all children are still able to access high quality resources and are aware of how they can continue their education whether at school or at home…

All pupils in Wales have access to the fantastic resources on HWB .              Hwb

After Logging in find the Just2Easy icon from the menu, for a wide range of resources, including: j2office, j2data, j2code and j2blast…


Use the comprehensive list of this terms words to keep on top of your Spelling



Also find below a list of useful document you may wish to use.


Here are two links to some fantastic online reading libraries.

Oxford Owl

Free onine reading











Electricity Word Search


Comparing the Weather

Design a Rainforest Animal

Differentiated Rainforest Layers Activity Sheet

Lesson Presentation Layers of the Rainforest

rain gauge

Rainforest Word Search Black and White

Rainforests Writing Frames Colour-Editable

Which Layer Action Cards






Other activities 

Joe Wicks Body Coach Channel

Minecraft for education sign in step by step.

Minecraft installation instruction

Why not try to make your own rainforest?

New Distance Learning activities starting 20/04/20 


Continue to practice your times table.

Have a go at some of these Reasoning questions

Practice your money skills with this Check your change activity

Have a go at practicing your rounding skills:

The Nearest 10 Activity Sheet

The Nearest 100 Activity Sheet

The Nearest 1000 Activity Sheet

Nearest 10, 100, 1000 Word Problems Activity Sheet

Practice your place value skills with these activities:

Place Value Challenge


Diary Writing – Write a diary entry about a day you have spent since school closed.

Information Texts – Write a fact file about an animal that you would find in the rainforest. Try writing one using the example frame below and then try making a video (if you have access to iMovie etc) or PowerPoint.

Animal factfile blank

Blank factfile


Year 3 




Year 4





Learn more about the rainforest by reading through these PowerPoints yourself: then have a go at some of the activities.








Watch Deadly 60 – series 4 – Borneo on iplayer.
You could
-make a list of 5-10 interesting facts from the programme
-write a list of some of the animals Steve Backshall talks about
-write information about palm oil/palm oil plantations and why it is threatening the forests and animals.

Iplayer clip Deadly 60 Borneo

If you are feeling crafty then have a go at designing and creating a rainforest in a box.

Design brief for box

Rain-forest diorama examples

Rainforest Alphabet


Activity Sheet Grouping


Animal Picture Sheet

Lesson Presentation Grouping Living Things

Life cycle of a butterfly

butterfly writing book


All about Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy facts

art plan

New Distance learning activities beginning 04/05/2020


Home Learning Challenge Grid Fairtrade



Fair Trade Power Point

Fair Trade Reading Comprehension


Adding coins 1

Adding coins 2

Adding Money 1

Adding Money 2

Adding Money 3

Food Miles


With looking at Fair trade we will be looking at plants (some year 4’s may remember this)

Take a look what a plant needs by reading through the PowerPoints then have a go at the activities (Don’t have to print sheets out,  have a go at writing in you Learning log)

Activity 1



Activity 2



Activity 3





Challenge Resources

Labelled map of the world

Art Poster Competition

Fun Art Resources

Draw With Rob!


Draw your favourite Disney Characters

Contact us

Your Teacher’s email is HeathA9@hwbcymru.net, Phel-JoneE@hwbcymru.net or HughesG209@hwbcymru.net

Please use this between 8.45 and 4.15.

Kirsty Williams, the Welsh Education Secretary, would like to know your opinions on remote learning. Please complete the survey in the link below to help the Government plan the next steps for learning at home.

Government survey