Below is a lovely resource from Mr Jones giving you different activities you can complete as a family.  Please share with your teachers so we can see what you have completed together.

Thrive week 1

On this page you can find links to resources that you as a family might find useful.  They are not age related they are activities for all children to support their emotional wellbeing which is hugely important but especially at a time like this.

These ideas might help to focus your mind if your are feeling anxious.

These are lovely activity sheets you can do as a family to describe yourself.  Things that you are proud of, what you’re really good at and what makes you a good friend.

I am an amazing person balloons

I am an amazing person

Remember that you are all amazing!

I am amazing, I am happy

Here is a lovely poem that our Mr Jones has written for all our special children and their families.

Covid 19 Dream

Below are some more lovely resources to support your children with their emotional well-being from Mrs Shafer.

June Wellbeing Calendar

My 2020 lockdown review

Jars Activity

This rainbow walk activity is a nice to resource to incorporate on your daily walk to promote mindfulness.


This is a lovely resource to support the feeling of belonging and to add to your window displays.


Next week is ‘Kindness Week’ there is a 5 day challenge below to promote being kind to yourself, it is a fun little task and one can share as a family.

Kindness Challenge