This Friday 8th May is known as Victory in Europe Day or ‘VE’ Day for short.  This marks the end of World War II and this year is an extra celebration as it is 75 years since the end of World War II.  This is a very important day in our History and so Friday is actually marked as a bank holiday.  There would have been great celebrations taking place with the Royal Family and televised for the nation to see and we would have been encouraged to celebrate by holding street parties as we have previously in school celebrating the Jubilee and Royal Weddings.

Things are obviously very different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t mark this special occasion.  We have seen some events planned on Facebook with some communities encouraging families to have a picnic in their garden on Friday, maybe decorating Union Jack banners or bunting and displaying them in windows like you have been your beautiful rainbow pictures.  World War II was a frightening time for many families and children, filled with lots of uncertainty, many children were unable to see loved ones. I think we can all understand with what we are experiencing at the moment that the day it ended came as a huge relief to many and celebrations were seen all over Great Britain.

We have included some pictures below and some ideas of bunting you could make at home.  Could you plan a menu for your family to have a picnic at home?  What sort of sandwiches could you make?  Why not dress in red, white and blue?

We would love to see pictures of bunting you may have made or photos of you and your family enjoying your VE day picnic.  The staff will also be sharing their pictures.  You could produce a poster describing why VE day is such an important event in British History.

You can share images with your teacher on Seesaw or you can email them to and with your parents permission we would love to show some of your pictures on our Facebook page and school website so we can all share in this celebration as a community even though we can’t be together to celebrate at this time.

Thank you

Newsround – VE Day

Powerpoint – VE Day

Here are some links to activities you could do at home including colouring and bunting templates –


Colouring sheets

Union Jack colouring