Croeso i Nursery and Reception!!

Whilst you are learning from home why not look at the  websites on the links below? We have designed these especially for our pupils in Nursery and Reception.

Please continue to contact Mrs Crump and Mrs Pennington on the SeeSaw App if you need to communicate with us.

Read at home!

‘Keep the UK and Ireland reading’, we are offering access to thousands of enhanced digital books through myON and articles from myON News.   There are beautiful books you can read by clicking on the link below, please try and keep reading every day with your child.

Read every day with ‘readon’

Food Facts

The YouTube videos in the link below actually help teach your children to read. Let us know which ones you read together, we think they are great!

Oxford Reading Tree – keep reading at home!


Magi Ann

Please click on the link below to find out more, and download the app onto your device if possible,  to explore welsh stories with your child. The app will read the story and your little one can join in. The stories tell the adventures of Magi Ann and her friends Dicw, Tedi and Doli.

Magi Ann






 Welsh Foundation Phase Videos

Daily lessons for pupils in Wales start today on BBC Bitesize ...

Enjoy watching and joining in with these videos with your little one!! Have fun!!

Welsh videos

Eco Schools

Rhosymedre school proudly hold the silver eco schools award and we are working towards our Green Flag award.

Please click on the link to discover ways you can support the environment from home.

We teach your child how to read during Guided Reading sessions every week. You can access the books we use to teach children how to read on the links below.

In Nursery the emphasis is on telling the story from the pictures. Talk in detail with your child about

Who is in the picture?

What is happening in the picture? What do they think will happen next!?

Where is the story happening? Use the pictures, is it at the beach? at the shop? at the school?

When is the story happening? Daytime or night time?

Why did something happen in the story?

Nursery Wordless Books

Click on the pink banner which says ‘My class log in’

Log in offa

Password Offa

(please note the difference in capital and lowercase letters – lowercase o in log in, uppercase O in Password)

In Reception we introduce books with words. Please use the pictures and the letter sounds to decode what the text says. Encourage your child to point to the words as they read. Ideally please read with them everyday, this will help your child become more fluent and confident

Reception Guided Reading Books

Nursery and Reception Parents and Carers – your children adore this Youtube song and we use it as a prompt to ask questions after we have read a story. Could you play it to your children and then ask them the questions about a story that you have read please.

5 Ws


Hometime Cymru

In our class we love to sing songs throughout the day and when we are learning about new things. So, we have put together a list of useful songs/videos that you can watch and sing along with at home that are linked to the work that we would have been doing in school. Enjoy!


Being Kind

Random Acts of Kindness – Our School motto is Respect, Care, Persevere, Succeed, so this is an ideal time to talk to your child about showing care for others. You could draw a picture for a friend  and send it to them or you could paint pebbles and leave them for others to find! Go on, make someone smile!



Days of the week, days of the week…

Have lots of fun reinforcing the days of the week with our song. The children will sing this daily and clap along with the beat !! Can they say what day it is today? What day it was yesterday? What day it will be tomorrow? Write the days of the week out and cut them up, help your child to put them back in the right order

Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family - YouTube

Days of the week



Having Fun With Welsh!!

Image result for welsh dragon cartoon clip artKS2 - BBC Bitesize

In school, your child is used to hearing lots of lovely welsh language throughout their day!

BBC bitesize has lots of quick welsh videos that you can watch with your child so that they can hear welsh patterns and phrases being used in context.

The videos are fun and engaging and contain lots of familiar welsh words and patterns. Have fun and enjoy them together!


Some welsh song fun 

Martyn Geraint has recently been commissioned by ‘Mudiad Meithrin’ to create and formally publish a selection of songs for young learners during the current situation in relation to Covid-19.

These following songs are mostly suitable for pupils in the Foundation Phase .


(0.00 – 2.28) Mae Siarad Cymraeg  Fel ‘Magic’.

(4.10 -6.20) Clap, Clap 123.

(6.30 – 8.00) Troi Ein Dwylo.

(1.40 – 2.35) Dyma Fi.

(3.00 – 5.00) Pen, Ysgwyddau, Coesau, Traed.

(5.20 – 6.10  ) Dau Gi Bach.

(6.50 – 7.30) Penblwydd Hapus.