Wrexham Music Co-operative

Following a successful pilot with the Ruabon cluster of schools before the half term break, the Wrexham Music Co-operative’s online learning platform is now live. On it you will find a number of interactive sessions that schools can use to supplement their own learning platforms, and which pupils, teachers and parents can engage with either in school or at home. The range of sessions, suitable for learners from the foundation phase to Y13 and are all available free of charge to Wrexham schools.  They are available in both Welsh and English.

The site itself can be found at www.totally-music.com  – please note the site is not password protected but the resources it contains are. Schools/pupils/parents can access it with following log in.

  Pupils Login
  Username: pupils@wrexhammusiccoop.com

Password: Cerdd2020

New sessions and resources will be added every week and the co-op would welcome any feedback or suggestions that schools, parents and pupils may have on what they’d like to see in the future.


We hope you are all safe and well. We are missing you very much and are hoping to see you soon.  I have put together a new home learning pack for you all as I know it can be difficult accessing work online.  I have printed these off and these will be posted to you this week so you have them to complete in your own time.  Don’t forget if you need anything you can email at any time on


Mrs Dutton-Hughes


Click on this link below for a great music lesson by the Welsh beat boxer Mr Phormula, you may remember him as he came into school to carry out workshops with you last year.

Mr Phormula workshop

A survey from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales for you to complete –

People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been over the last few weeks. Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner, is one of those people.

She wants to know about any worries you have, how you’ve been spending your time, and also about the things that have made you happy.

Sally has been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. Sally wants to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. It will also help them to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards.

The survey should take you around 15 minutes. 



I have found a really useful website called ‘The Maths Factor – Primary Maths’ with Carol Vorderman, it’s a really nice fun and interactive resource to practice your number skills and it’s a computer program so that always makes it more fun! You have to get parents to sign you up and it can take a few days for your log in details to be emailed through but it is a fun resource to use.

Also when you log in to your hwb email if you click on ‘menu’ and then ‘Just2easy’ there are lots of interactive programs for you to explore including ones about coding.  You may have already found these as I put details of this on the information you all went home with but this is just to remind you. Below is a picture of the page you are looking for.

If you have any problems logging in or need any more help with anything please feel free to email me on – Dutt-HughS@hwbcymru.net


I have added some new activities to continue our Rainforest topic below and new activities in the Maths and Literacy sections.

I hope you are all well and please do email any activities the children have completed even if they unrelated to the below it would be lovely to see what else they have been up to.

Take care, Mrs Dutton-Hughes   –  Dutt-HughS@hwbcymru.net

We hope you are all well and enjoying your time at home with your families.  It is very strange not seeing your faces at the start of this Summer Term.  We hope you liked the special video we put together for you from all the staff.  It is on this website and also on our Facebook page.

We also made a poster for you last week when we were in school.

Remember that you can email me if you need any more help and also welcome to email work that you have done if you would like.

My email address is – Dutt-HughS@hwbcymru.net

I will upload some new activities that we would be completing in school this Summer Term.  We had planned to cover ‘The Olympics’ this term but obviously we’ll postpone that to Summer 2021 like the real Olympics!

We are going to be investigating the Rainforest for our topic and I will post some activities related to this below.

Summer Term 2020

Topic – The Rainforest

To continue with our topic of the Rainforest follow the links below and then have a go at the activities.

To start your topic think about –

  • What do you already know about the Rainforest?
  • Where would you find them in the world?
  • What is it like in a Rainforest?
  • Do you know any animals found in a Rainforest?
  • Do you know any plants found in a Rainforest?


  • Can you identify different Rainforests in the world? Where are they? How big are they? – show your work on this World map

Map-of-the-World – Rainforests


  • Ask your families to make time challenges for you through the day – if it is 12:30pm what time will it be in an hour? in half an hour? in 15 minutes?  Can you identify what time you do different activities in your home? For example bed time and how long do you sleep?
  • Practise your times tables – you need to make sure you have good recall of these number facts. Use this link for fun interactive games. Maths games
  • Try this site for Reasoning questions.  Don’t worry about choosing the year group you are in as Amelia and I found the Year 3 ones quite tough! HWB Reasoning Maths challenges
  • Nearest 10 Activity
  • Nearest 100 Activity
  • Nearest 1000 Activity
  • Word Problems
  • Place Value Challenge


  • Information Texts – Write a fact file about an animal that you would find in the rainforest. Try writing one using the example frame below and then try making a video (if you have access to iMovie etc) or PowerPoint.
  • Fact file template
  • Rainforest Alphabet activity  Think of anything to do with the Rainforest, plants or animals beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Look at this picture and I want you to describe what you can see, hear, smell and touch.  How would you feel if you visited this place?  You can simply write some sentences and then develop this in to a more extended paragraph using good descriptions and connecting your sentences.  Think about the rushing of the water, would it be hot or cold, would there be anything hiding in the trees or in the water? Maybe there is a secret cave behind the waterfall?  What might be above the waterfall?

A waterfall in a tropical rainforest.

  • Please make sure that you are reading regularly and using https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ to find books if you need.  Use ‘my class log in’ and the class name – glyndwr and password is – glyndwr.  You can complete book reviews on any stories you have read using the format previously posted below.



Spring Term 2020

Topic – Rivers

Below is a link to BBC bitesize page.

BBC bitesize – rivers

Here are Word or PDF pages to complete work identified in the Topic grid

RE – The Easter Story

Below is a link to BBC bitesize page.

BBC bitesize – The Easter Story

Here are Word or PDF pages  and Powerpoints to complete work identified in the Topic grid

Science – Earth and Space

Below is a link to BBC bitesize page.

BBC bitesize – Earth and Space

Here are Word or PDF pages  and Powerpoints to complete work identified in the Topic grid

Maths – Money